Homes with a Second Unit

Dows Prairie MIL

I have noticed an increase in interest in homes with a second unit. These can be income-producing, used by a relative in need, or for your own creative enjoyment. Some folks have quite a side business listing them as a vacation rental – through or There are usually a number of these on the market. I have added a link to this website for you to view all homes listed with a second unit. This link can be found on the bottom left of these two pages: Homes For Sale and Multi-family For Sale. The photo shown above is from the second unit in this Dow’s Prairie home for sale. It is a very new, large (750 sq ft), 2 bedroom apartment.

Arcata currently has a demand for studio residences. Students are looking for a quiet place to study, hoping for an alternative to a busy apartment complex. My father has a miniature studio that is easy fill. His property manager recently had more than 10 showings lined up within hours after listing on Craigslist. The price range in Arcata for a studio apartment is somewhere around $500 to $675 monthly.


  1. Brianne Taylor says:

    Great tip- I am always looking for a great investment opportunity! I’ll check these out.